Non-fiction novel

 The New Bedford Samurai. Twilight Times Books, September 2007. 


 No Return Address: A Memoir of Displacement. New York: Columbia University Press, 2000. 

Police procedural

 Missing Members. Detroit: Corridors Press, 1990. 

Scholarly study

 The Symbolic Method of Coleridge, Baudelaire, and Yeats. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 1983. 

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Poetry Collections


Poetry books

Often Fanged Light. New York: Adelaide Books, 2019.

Cartographies of Scale (and Wing). Newport Beach, CA: Avignon Press, 2015.

Walking Toward Solstice. Norman, OK: Mongrel Empire Press, 2012.

Penguins in a Warming World. Princeton, NJ: Ragged Sky Press, 2007.


Sidereal and Closer Griefs. (26-poem chapbook) Origami Condom, (May 2008).

Through the Straits, At Large. Detroit, MI: Ridgeway Press, 1997.

The Evidence of Spring. Detroit, MI: Ridgeway Press, 1989.


The Poetry Harmonium, music and poetry  CD; collaboration with composer Christian Kreipke and poets Carol Carpenter and Suzanne Scarfone, Summer 2004.

Arts at an Exhibition, music and poetry CD in collaboration with composer Christian Kreipke and poets Carol Carpenter and Suzanne Scarfone, 2003. Artists Among Us Juried Projects, sponsored by the Wayne County Council of Arts, History and Humanities (contains four of my poems: “Flight,” “End Passage,” “No Forest and No Trees,” “Quake”).

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Short stories

“Up Close and Personal,” Dragon Poetry Review (Summer 2017).

“Daddy’s Bundle,” An Anthology on Loss, e-chapbook [] (Fall 2011).

“Nightsong,” Saranac Review 2 (Fall 2006).

“The Invisible Daughter,” The Rambler 3, #3 (May/June 2006).

“Traveling Solo,” Poetic Diversity [], 4, 1 (Winter 


“The Ball Game,” Flashing in the Gutters ( (Winter 2006).

“Hot Scents,” Fiction Musings ( (March 2006).

“Frailty, Thy Name,” Ducts [] (Winter 2006).

“Windowcases,” Frigg 7 [] (Winter 2005).

“Bitch and a Rat,” Branches Quarterly 3, 1 (January 2004).

“The Save,” Full Circle Journal 2 (December 2002).

“Thick Plots.” (April 2002).

“Sea Finds,” Short Story 7 (1999). 102-111.


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Creative non-fiction

“That Happy Planet,” Connotations [] (March 2015).

“The Unaccountable Stupidity of Living Things,” A Journal of the Built and Natural Environments, 23 [] (Winter/Spring 2009)

“Women's Clothes in the Twenty-First Century,” Public Republic 

[], January 14, 2009.

“Silencing Writers in the Corporate Nation,” Post Foetry [] November 11, 2007

“How It Began,” “Preserving Medium,” from The New Bedford Samurai. Full Circle Journal 5 (Summer 2003).

“Where All The Lights Were Bright.” Peninsula: Essays and Memoirs by Michigan Writers. Ed. Michael Steinberg. E. Lansing, MI: Michigan State University Press, 2000. 246-255.

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Individual Poems


Poems 2010-2019

“Pandora’s Gift,” Rockvale Review, 4 [ ] (May 2019)

“Coming to Light,” “If You’re Not There,” Dragon Poetry Review (Summer 


“Equinox Swings,” “Snailing to Byzantium,” “Unrest of Migrant Selves,” Adelaide (Spring 2018).

“Encryption,” Muddy River Poetry Review (Spring 2018).

“as date approaches,” Fourth & Sycamore [] (November 2017).

“Gratitude,” Poetry Review (Summer 2017).

“Fall Clearance,” “This Last Day of August,” Dragon Poetry Review 


r-2016-issue-dragon-poet-review.pdf] (Summer 2016).

“A Lot More than Half Way,” Pyrokinection [] (May 2016).

“Virtual Spaces,” “January’s Small Mercies,” Muddy River Poetry Review [] (Spring 2016).

“Amphibian Landings,” “December Deeps,” “Lemons, Before and After,” The Wilderness House Literary Review [] (Spring 2016).

“Cleansing the Haunted House,” “Record Winter in the Midwest,” “Venus in Feathers,” Lost Coast Review 6, 2 [] (Winter 2015).

“Opal Moon,” “Habitats,” “Extreme Weather,” CircleShow Journal 11 (Winter 2014—published in February 2015).

“Love Poem to the L(ibrary) before IT,” Bangalore Review I, 10 (March 2014).

“Spring This Time,” Third Wednesday (Winter 2014).

“Dark Summer’s Days,” Red River Review 50 (February 2014).

“Paris Sediments,” CircleShow: the Official Journal of SevenCircle Press (Winter 2012-2013).

“Winging Love,” The Muse: An International Journal of Poetry [] (Summer 2013).

“Calls to Passage.” Poised in Flight. Eds. A. J. Huffman and April Salzano [] (2013).

“At Grass Level,” “Perfectly Clear,” “Preserves of Tropic Palms,” My Vision, Your Voice: An Artistic Duet. Ed. Suzanne Scarfone (2012). Invited contribution.

“Lake Companions,” “Lake Secrets,” “Mere Forage,” “On Saint Clair Pier,” Great Lakes Project. Ed. Blake Walters (2013). Invited contribution.

“Summer’s Slow Bow,” Jelly Bucket (Winter 2013).

“Best Captives,” Yad HaShoah special issue, Poetry Super Highway [] (Spring 2012).

“Under Cover,” JerseyWorks [] (Summer 2012).

“Noise,” Muddy River Poetry Review 7 [] (Fall 2012).

“Along the Sidewalk,” “Our Ever-Present Disappeared,” The Stone Hobo 5 (February 2012).

“Small Signs,” “Under the Wrecking Ball,” Red Ochre Literary Press (October 2011).

Poet of the Week with “No Permanent Loss,” Poetry Super Highway (August 15-21, 2011).

“No Multitudes,” Muddy River Poetry Review, No. 5 (October 2011).

“Those Never Written,” The Muse: An International Journal of Poetry I, i (June 2011).

“Changeling Day,” The Write Room [] (November 14, 2010).

“Boat Trip Down the Detroit River,” “Fruit Moon on Lake St. Clair,” The Write Room [] (November 14, 2010).

“So Short Past Solstice,” Visions International 82 (Summer 2010).

“Sparrow’s Fall,” EarthSpeak Magazine (Winter 2009; published Spring 2010).

“Molting,” [] (January 2010).

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Poems 2000-2009

“Loosed Garments,” Eating Her Wedding Dress: A Collection of Clothing Poems, edited by Vasiliki Katsarou, Ruth O'Toole, and Ellen Foos (Princeton, NJ: Ragged Sky Press, 2009).

“Malta Dreams,” New Verse News [http://newversenews/] (September 1, 2009).

“Wedded Bliss,” “Above the Bird’s Eye View,” Mascara Literary Review [, Australia] (June 2009).

“Ground,” Muddy River Poetry Review (Spring 2009).

“Burying the Next-Door Neighbor,” [] (January 2009).

“Mild Nights,” poets. net [] (January 2009).

“Each Life,” Public-Republic: An International Journal [] (January 2009).

“In Dream,” Public-Republic: An International Journal [

dream] (December 2008).

“we have learned to feast,” The Cherry Blossom Review [] (November 2008).

“Updrift,” The Wild Flower Press [] (Fall 2008).

“Wake,” “Pharmakos,” Ginosko Literary Journal [] (Summer 2008).

“Jarred Summers,” “Before Fox Creek Ran Red,” Into the Teeth of the Wind 6, 1 (Summer 2008).

“Mad Moon,” Third Wednesday (Spring 2008).

“Foreclosed,” Language and Culture [] (Summer/Fall 2008).

“The Eastland Daphne, “ Fickle Muses [] (Spring 2008 [April 27, 2008]).

“Prince Among Frogs, “ Goblin Fruit [] (Spring 2008). 

Reviewed at cious-gobli.html.

“Briar Rose,” Goblin Fruit [] (Winter 2008).

“Short of Breath,” Origami Condom [] (December 2007).

“Japan—Inland See,” “A World, Hers,” “On Lynn Shaler’s Etching, ‘The Woman in 

White,’” Apple Valley Review 2, i [] (Spring 2007)

“Re-Becoming,” “Only Not Rain,” “Sea Birds Continue to Wash Up on Oregon Coast,” Hotmetalpress, [] (December 2006).

“Dream Lover,” Velvet Avalanche Poetry Anthology, ed. Donna Hill (Toronto: Ontario: December 2006).

“Hesitation,” Morpo Review [] (November 2006).

“Quake,” “Hidden Solstice,” “Slow, Slow Dance,” Triplopia [] (Fall 2005).

“All Live Creation,” “Sans Soliloquy,” Dispatch [] (Winter 2006).

“Surface Tension,” “No Stopping Now,” Porcupine 7, 2 (2005).

“The Grammar of Error,” Paterson Literary Review 34 (Winter 2005).

“Dog Training,” “Heaven and Nature,” RiverSedge 17, 2 (February 2005).

“Optical Functions,” Poetic Diversity 3, 1 [http:///] (February, 2005).

“Slivers Of Time: Thoughts Twining Around a 2800-year-old Phoenician Vessel Found Off the Coast of Israel, June 1999,” Stirring [] (October 2004).

“Fog Horn on the Detroit River,” Stirring [] (September 


“Replicas,” “Edging Closer,” “you are brave but in this one thing,” Perigee Magazine 2, 6 [] (September 2004).

“The Andean Wild Boy,” Typo Magazine [] (Summer 2004).

“Old Wives’ Tales,” Tryst Magazine 10 [] (December 2004).

“Whose Darker Rites,” Adagio Verse Quarterly, 2, 1 

[ _Quarterly.html] (April, 2004).

“The Awful Holiness of Every Thing,” “Musée de l’Homme 1,” “Musée de l’Homme 2,” 

The Littoral] (January 2004).

“Psyche Readings,” “Codes,” “Excellent Condition,” Avatar Review 6 [] (Summer 2004).

“Pony for Your Thoughts,” Liberty Hill Poetry 2 [] (Spring 2004).

“Cape Cod Log,” “A Quiet Afternoon,” “What Migrants Bring,” Net-works 6, 1 [] (January-March 2004).

“Flight,” Branches Quarterly 3, 1 [] (January 2004).

“Cut Flowers,” “Airborne,” Terrain: A Journal of the Built & Natural Environments 14 [] (Dec. 2003).

“Foreshadow,” Bathyspheric Review [] (Fall 2003).

“Night Vision,” “All at Once Seeds,” Whimperbang 2 [] (Summer 2003).

“Starlings,” “Seduction,” Visions International (2003).

“Natural History Museum,” Full Circle Journal 2 [] (Winter 2003). 

Poem also selected as Best of Full Circle Journal (March 2003).

“In the Bath Aisle,” Gin Bender 2, 1 [] (November 2003).

“Detroit Institute of Arts,” Out of Line (2003).

“Ice Ferns,” Phantasmagoria 1, 2 (Winter 2002).

“March of Dimes, April in Detroit,” “Late Encounter,” Abandon Automobile: City Poetry Anthology, eds. Melba J. Boyd and M. L. Liebler. Detroit: Wayne State University Press (2001).

“For Fran Dick, Descendant of the She Wolf,” “Dark Spot on Scabiosa,” Words on a Wire [] (Summer 2001).

“My Father Lives in America,” “The Name of the Currency Is Rain,” yuanyang 1 (2001).

“August Teetering,” Aries 8 (Summer 2001).

“Harvest Moon,” “Sound Track,” “Museum Finds,” Red River Review (May 2001).

“Adelaide Penguins in a Warming World,” Pif Magazine [] (April 2001).

“Taken Likeness,” Center: A Journal of the Literary Arts 1, 1 (Fall/Winter 2000).

“Lakeshore Drives,” Dialogue through Poetry 2001 Anthology. NY: Rattapallax Press 


“Light Sleepers,” “Midwest, Autumn Storm,” Porcupine 7, 2 (Summer 2001).

“Students Brought to Poetry,” White Pelican Review 1, 2 (Fall, 2000); reprint in P.O.E.T.S. Newsletter 2, 12 (Feb, 2001).

“Sleeping Beauty Revisited,” Yemassee 8, 1 (Summer/Fall 2000).

“Kingdom-Phylum Erotics,” Natural Bridge 3 (Spring 2000).

“Finch Speaks from Fallow Fields,” “Perpetuities of Elm,” Barrow Street 

(Summer 2000).

“Clear Skies,” The Larcom Review 2 (2000).


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Poems 1990-1999

“Not Quite Spring,” Evansville Review 9 (1999).

“Persephone Explains,” The Madison Review 21, 1 (Fall 1999).

“Lasting Summer,” Limestone: A Journal of Arts and Letters (1999).

“Essences,” “Heroes,” “Prairie in a Dry Season,” “What’s Left,” “Your Mouth,” Split Shift 2 (1999).

“Parting,” Artword Quarterly 17 (Summer 1999).

“Beach Tales,” “Flutter’s Last,” “Unfinished,” The Larcom Review 1 (1999).

“Diagnoses,” The Temple 3, 2 (1999).

“Stray,” Poetry International Annual 3 (1999).

“Vanishing Act,” Astarte 12 (Fall 1999).

“Real-Estate Transactions,” Driftwood Review 2 (Winter, 1999).

“Winter Scape,” The Higginsville Review 13 (Fall 1999).

“Local Customs,” Afterthoughts 5, 3 (Fall/Winter 1998-99).

“Gift,” Green Hills Literary Lantern 10 (Spring 1999).

“Baseball,” Howling Dog 6, 2 (1998).

“No Time,” Artword Quarterly 14 (Fall 1998).

“Another Hour,” Apostrophe 1, 3-4 (1998).

“A Wish for My Daughter,” New Zoo Review 2 (October 1998).

“The Writer and Her Mother,” “Coffee in the Afternoon,” Room of One’s Own 20, 4 (1998).

“Jeanne’s Vial,” Evansville Review 8 (1998).

“What Do Daffodils Want,” Defined Providence 6 (1998).

“Comrades in Fear,” Lynx Eye 4 (Fall 1997).

“About Pansies,” Christian Science Monitor (December 12, 1997).

“Longitudes,” Driftwood Review, 1 (1997).

“The Daughter of Job,” Oregon East 28 (Fall 1997).

“The Mother and the Police,” Rag Mag 2 (Spring 1997).

“Last-Chance Afternoons,” Controlled Burn 3 (Winter 1997).

“Cause of Death,” “Masteries,” “Virtual Destiny,” Weber Review 13 (1996).

“Detroit Spring,” Yemassee 4 (Spring/Summer 1996).

“No More than Glimpses,” California State Poetry Quarterly 22 (Spring/Summer 1996).

“What Might Have Happened,” Interim 17 (Spring/Summer 1996).

“Damage Control,” “My Kind of Town,” San Fernando Poetry Review 18, 2 (1996).

“August Voices,” “Matinée Cape Cod,” “Lasting Ivory,” Santa Barbara Review 3 (Fall-Winter 1995).

“Black Looks,” Visions-International 47 (1995).

“Middle-Age Crisis,” Spoon River Poetry Review 19, 1 (Winter/Spring 1994).

“Stop-Motion,” “Bird Watching,” Old Crow Review 2 (1993).

“A Ride with My Mother,” “The Rapist of Nine Women” (reprint), Resourceful Woman, (Detroit: Invisible Ink Press, 1994).

“Onions,” Heartlight Journal 10 (Summer 1993).

“Bleached,” “Detached,” “Tonight,” Licking River Review 24 (Fall/Spring 1992-93).

“First the Uterus,” “Even Song,” “Common Knowledge,” “Birding Once More,” Interim 12 (Spring/Summer 1993).

“Life in the Country,” Cumberland Poetry Review 12 (Fall 1992).

“Midwest, Summer Storm,”  Cream City Review 17 (Spring 1993).

“The Boys I Grew Up With” (reprint), The Vision of Words (Detroit: Lorien Studio/Ridgeway Press, 1992).

“Sleeping Beauty,” Piedmont Literary Review 16 (1992).

“Colossal Dream,” Spoon River Quarterly 17 (Winter-Spring 1992).

“Comrades in Fear,” Against the Current 37 (March 1992).

“Bedtime Stories,” “A Time to Weep,” Interim 10 (1991-92).

“Sophrosyne,” River Styx 34 (1991).

“Cooking,” Wascana Review 25 (1990).

“In Summer,” “Independence Night,” “This Thing,” Embers 15 (Fall 1990).

“Women’s Ways,” Whomanwarp 3 (Fall 1990).

“Bridled Lust,” “Ginger,” Interim 9 (Spring-Summer 1990).

“The Rapist of Nine Women as Good Citizen,” Earth’s Daughters 35 (1990).

“Hope,” “Uncovered Women,” Houses in Motion 1 (Spring 1990).

“Rain Dance,” South Florida Poetry Review 7 (Winter 1990).


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Poems 1980-1989

“Airborne,” Phoebe 19 (Fall/Winter 1989).

“The Boys I Grew Up With,” The Northern Review 3 (Fall/Winter 1989).

“Bird Snobs,” Spirit 54 (Spring-Summer 1989).

“Sifting through Ashes,” “Sex and War,” “Voodoo on Former Landlords,” “A Walk with My Mother,” Interim 8 (Spring 1989).

“In Back Alleys,” “Reading Tuesday’s Paper,” Women’s International Day Chapbook (March 1989).

“Moving Through,” 5 AM 2, 1 (1988).

“`Love’s Austere Offices,”  South Florida Poetry Review 6 (Fall 1988).

“May,” “Storm,” Blue Pitcher 3, 1 (1988).

“Running at the Mouth,” “Tree Tops,” Wascana Review 22 (Fall 1987).

“Altering,” “A Change of Life,” “Inscape,” “Comforter Thoughts,” Rocky Mountains Arsenal of the Arts 2 (January-February 1988).

“Dénouement,” Seneca Review 17, 2 (1987).

“No Unicorns,” Moving Out 13 (Fall 1987).

“The Deeps,” Z-Miscellaneous 1, 3 (1987).

“Nighttown—Detroit,” Slant, 1 (Summer 1987).

“Stakes,” “After the Summer Solstice,” “Lesson,” “No Other Plot,” “Divestitures,” Interim 6 (Spring 1987).

“Animal Kingdom,” Quadra Project for the Arts (1987).

“Eurydice Speaks,” “Fit,” “The Break,” Interim 5 (Spring 1986).

“Gold,” “Winter Suspicion,” Quadra-Project for the Arts (1986).

“Unweeded,” Wascana Review 20 (Fall 1985), 29-30.

“Mindfall,” DeKalb Literary Arts Journal 13 (Fall 1979-Winter 1980).

“The Trapped Bird,” The Small Pond Magazine 27 (Spring 1980).

Alexandru Lazarescu: A Portrait in Seven Takes, seven-poem series, Corridors 2 (1980).


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Poems 1968-1979

“Campus One Night,” “Myths Crowding Greektown,” “The Catch,” “The Stamp,” Corridors 1 (1979).

“Hood Ornaments, Detroit-Style,” Concerning Poetry 12 (1979).

“Duration,” The Free Lance 

19 (1978-9).

“Inevitability,” Best Friends 6 (January 1978).

“Sea Dreams,” Poet Lore 70 (Winter 1975).

“Celebration,” Wayne Review (Spring 1968).

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Scholarly Publications


Chapters in books

“When Two Stories Collide, They Catch Fire.” Eds. Gesa E. Kirsch and Liz Rohan. Beyond the Archives: Research as a Lived Process. University of Southern Illinois Press, 2008. 54-60

“Pacific Harvests: Whales and Albatrosses in Nineteenth-Century Markets,” Animal Dreams: Representations of Animals in Victorian Literature and Culture. Eds. Deborah Denenholz Morse and Martin Danahay. Ashgate Press, 2007. 167-178.

“Staged Feminisms: Millennial Reflections,” Remapping the Humanities: Identity, Memory, Community, and (post)Modernity. Detroit: Wayne State University Press, 2008. 9-18.

“Free-Floating Marginals and Contagious Degeneracy in the Paris and London of the Mid and Late Nineteenth Century,” Lyrical Symbols and Narrative Transformations: Essays in Honor of Ralph Freedman. Eds. Kathleen Komar and Ross Shideler. Columbia, SC: Camden House Press, 1998. 115-131.

“Emotions Unpurged: Antigeneric Theater and the Politics of Violence,” Borderwork: Feminist Engagements with Comparative Literature. Ed. Margaret R. Higonnet. Ithaca: Cornell University Press, 1994. 120- 143.

“Staking No Claims for Territory: The Sea as Woman’s Space,” Reconfigured Spheres: Feminist Explorations of Literary Space. Eds. Margaret H. Higonnet and Joan Templeton. Amherst: University of Massachusetts Press, 1994: 72-88.


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Journal articles

“Intercourse with Animals: Nature and Sadism during the Rise of the Industrial Revolution,” ISLE: Interdisciplinary Studies in Literature and Environment 16, 1, Winter 2009: 23-34.

“My First ACN (Art, Culture, Nature) Conference,” Watersheds: Art, Culture, Nature. Association for the Study of the Arts and the Environment. Autumn, 2005.

“Cultural Deposits: Tracking Capital in Nineteenth-Century European Fiction and Drama,” Canadian Review of Comparative Literature 27, 1-2 (Mar./June 2000, pub. Winter 2002): 8-24 (lead article).

“Focalization, the Cinematic Gaze, and Romance in Meredith and Woolf,” Woolf Studies Annual, vol. 7 (2001): 3-22 (lead article).

“Seductive Certainties: Nana and Nascent Eugenic ‘Sciences,’” Excavatio 13 (2000): 229-235.

“Venus Live! Sarah Bartmann, the Hottentot Venus, Re-Membered,” Mosaic (Hygieia: A Special Issue on Literature and Medicine) 33, 4 (December 2000): 129-143.

“Texted Selves: Dorothy and William Wordsworth in the Grasmere Journals,” a/b: Auto/Biography Studies. Special Issue: Memoirs at the Fin de Siècle. Ed. Nancy K. Miller. 14, 1 (Summer 1999): 118-136.

“Technology as Eros’ Dart: Cyborgs as Perfect (Male?) Lovers,” Foundation: The International Journal of Science Fiction 78 (Summer 1998), 59-67.

“Colonization as Feminization in Meredith’s The Egoist and Diana of the Crossways,” Working Papers in Irish Studies, 98-4 (1998). 1-12.

“When Feminists Read the Romantics, or the Cultural Chasm of ‘Kubla Khan,’” Atlantis 1, 2 (1992). 81-91.

“Gender-Political Aesthetics and the Early and Later Yeats,” Yeats: An Annual of Critical and Textual Studies 8 (1990): 113-125.

“At Sea or In Deep Water: Women’s Spaces in Persuasion, The Voyage Out, and 

The Awakening,” Proceedings of the XIIth Congress of the ICLA: Space and Boundaries 3 (Iudicium, 1990): 180-186.

“Dialogic Combat in Yeats’s Oisin: The Shape of Things to Come,” Yeats: An Annual of Critical and Textual Studies 4 (1989): 165-174.

“The `Woman’s Film’ Genre and a Modern Transmutation, Kramer vs. Kramer,” Women & Film, ed. Janet Todd (New York: Holmes & Meier, 1988): 114-129.

“Shelley’s Triumph of Death in Virginia Woolf’s The Voyage Out,” Modern Language Quarterly 47 (Summer 1986): 130-53.

“‘Deep Romantic Chasm’: Women as Textual Disturbances in Romantic Poetry,” Power, Gender, Value, ed. Judith Genova. Edmonton, Canada: Academic Printing and Publishing, 1987: 31-40.

“The Perils of Authorship in Le voyageur sans bagage,” Modern Drama, 29 (December, 1986), 601-12.

“Authorizing History: Victimization in A Streetcar Named Desire,” Theatre Journal, 38 (October, 1986): 322-38; rpt. in Feminist Rereadings of Modern American Drama, ed. June Schlueter (London and Toronto: Associated University Presses, 1989): 149-170.

“Love and the Two Discourses of Calvino’s Le Cosmicomiche,” Stanford Italian Review, 4 (Spring l984), 123-35.

Frankenstein’s Hidden Skeleton: The Psycho-Politics of Oppression,” Science-Fiction Studies, 10, no. 2 (July, 1983): 125-136 (lead article). Rpt. in Nineteenth-Century Literature Criticism 92 (Gale P, 2001).

“Thematic Contexts of Yeats’s Theater,” Modern Drama, 24 (March, 1981), 67-72.

“Mary Wollstonecraft’s Mask of Reason in A Vindication of the Rights of Woman,” The Dalhousie Review, 60 (Autumn, 1980), 462-471.

“Ken Russell’s Clouds of Glory [film biographies of Wordsworth and Coleridge]: The Ruling Passion as Key to the Artist,” Literature/Film Quarterly, 8 (January, 1980), 2-13 

(lead article).

The Rime of the Ancient Mariner as Romantic Quest,” The Wordsworth Circle, 10 (Fall, 1979), 365-369.

“The Ritual of Midsummer: A Pattern for A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” Renaissance Quarterly, 31 (1978), 21-28; rpt. in Bibliotheca Shakesperiana, Microfilms International, 1986.

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 Ke-Nu and the Magic Coals, Michigan Opera Theatre, 1987. Performed at the Friends Auditorium and throughout Michigan in 1987 and 1988. Performed at the Hilberry Summer Theatre (Wayne State Graduate Theater), June-July, 1989. Workshop and performance by the Music School of Wayne State University, Dec., 1999.

Book reviews—Invited

Review of Yeats’s Nations: Gender, Class, and Irishness, requested by English Literature in Transition, 41, 2 (1998): 201-204.

Review of Kathleen Komar’s Reclaiming Klytemnestra: Revenge or Reconciliation, Comparative Literature (Winter, 2006).

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