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Missing Members synopsis

The first two chapters of Missing Members

 Missing Members packs a wallop—like a kick in the groin from a Gucci pump! 

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Missing Members


Sharon Dair investigates the unkindest cuts of all!

Detroit, 1980.

A bizarre sex crime that makes men cringe shakes even this violent city. Police Lieutenant Sharon Dair, detective in the Sex Crimes division, plunges into an investigation that threatens her physical and mental well-being. The woman she seeks is in some ways a distorted image of Sharon, so much so that Detective Dair falls prey to a vigilante group out to catch the criminal

Her every relationship (with forensics expert Nantelli; with her only black co-worker, McNeely; with her woman friends) becomes entangled in the web of hatred and confusion aroused by a crime that sets men against women, city against suburbs, blacks against whites. As the investigation moves toward its inexorable end, Sharon finds herself questioning her loyalty to her friends and her profession. Will her growing love for the fourth victim change her feelings of sympathy toward the unknown criminal? Will she solve the case of the "Missing Members"? And, if she does, can she force herself to bring the suspect to "justice"?

Read the first two chapters of Missing Members

Missing Members packs a wallop—like a kick in the groin from a Gucci pump!

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